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The Redskins would pick a fight with Gandhi.

He’s not around, so they’re going after Dan Steinberg.

The team ordered the DC Sports Bogger to stop posting videos he’d taken from inside Redskins Park on washingtonpost.com. Steinberg tried to get around the ban by embedding videos from other local media websites, but the team contacted the paper’s lawyers and made him stop that, too, if the videos include training camp footage.

The prohibition recalls Snyder’s banning WJLA-TV from shooting inside the Park in 2000, while at the same time allowing news crews from other local network affiliates to shoot and air such footage on newscasts.

WJLA had refused to pay a fee demanded by Dan Snyder, who had only recently taken over the team, to become a “partner” of the Redskins.

Other local stations paid the fee, so, for example, George Michael of rival WRC-TV did his spots from the practice field.

But WJLA sportscaster Rene Knott would show up during each night’s telecast standing outside the gates in the Redskins Park parking lot.

Some of Steinberg’s best work comes in parking lots. But still…

This latest round of bizarre vindictiveness wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Steinberg rejected the Skins’ effort to lure him away from the Washington Post and onto Snyder’s payroll several weeks ago, would it?

Full Disclosure: Steinberg is a neighbor and I owe him money for a bag of coffee beans from Costco.