Dans Snyder and Steinberg are still playing the feud!

First Dan Sn. banned Dan St. from using video from inside Redskins Park on his washingtonpost.com blog.

Now Dan St. gets one of Dan Sn.’s own pets, Chris Cooley, to invite him over to shoot video of lunch at his mom’s. Since the video comes from outside the gates of Redskins Park, Dan Sn.’s odd ban doesn’t apply.

So Dan St. throws it up on his Bog.

This has gotta hurt Dan Sn.

Especially coming so soon after Dan St. spurned Dan Sn.’s effort to hire him.

Is Dan Sn. just gonna let Dan St. do him like that?

Full Disclosure: Steinberg is a neighbor and I still owe him money for a bag of coffee beans from Costco.