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Those not interested in attending Richard Peabody‘s Politics & Prose dudefest this evening can head over to the Hillyer Art Space, where they will find a more femme-oriented event. There will be ladies on rollerskates.

Tonight, local lit mag Barrelhouse celebrates the release of its sixth issue with a Rollergirl-power themed party featuring the D.C. Rollergirls, “roller derby artist” (yep) Cory Oberndorfer, and discounts on the new issue of the mag—-also roller-derby-themed. Catch local author and Barrelhouse editor Dave Housley at both events—-he’ll read first at Peabody’s release, then head over to Hillyer on the late night tip.

Along with its usual offerings of fiction, poetry, and pop-culture musings, the new issue will include the winners of Barrelhouse‘s “Roller Derby Invitational” contest, which Housley says provided for a knock-down competition. “The roller derby people are really organized, and they’re online,” says Housley. “We got a lot of submissions. Some were normal stories that happened to be set in the world of roller derby. Some were essays about the difference roller derby had made in their lives. A fair amount of submissions were guys who were just in love with roller derby girls because they can kick their ass.”

If you happen to be one of those guys, you’re in luck: Barrelhouse confirms that the roller derby team will be available for arm wrestling. However, note that the mag’s mention of “roller derby girls with 34-inch pythons” should not be taken literally. “I think it’s pro-wrestling talk,” explains Housley. “There will not be snakes. There will definitely be real girls there, though.”

Photo by mookielove