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The Grounds Crew, the Washington Post‘s blog devoted to Nationals Park, is really starting turn on the home team and the home field. But this one is just sweet, one blogger notes: “The Other Nationals are Pretty Great.” She writes: “I went to my first Potomac Nationals game on the 4th of July. It was exactly like the big Nationals only cheaper and the team played better. I was completely charmed.”

Mr. T in DC hops on the Bolt Bus bandwagon and it isn’t all that cheap. Cheaper than Amtrak. Cheaper than Greyhound. But it wasn’t a buck: “The one thing that makes me nervous is they don’t have a phone number of any kind, so if the bus is late or has a problem, you can’t call to ask what’s going on. The buses look nice and clean, so that’s good. We’ll see.”

And Now, Anacostia shows an aerial shot of their turf circa 1921. Even then, not a lot of sit-down restaurants. Blogger uses the shot to point out a history of terrible land-use decisions.

Penn Quarter Living wonders if “Bones” is/was filming on E Street.

Congress Heights on the Rise implores residents to attend PSA meetings!

In Shaw discovers the source of That Ringing: “I’ve figured out where the bells that ring the hours come from. I was walking near Immaculate Conception on 8th and N one evening and heard the bells there, sounding like they were coming from the church. All this while I was guessing it was coming from LeDroit or over by Howard. Si (of MVSQ) mentioned that sound bounces around on the buildings, which could explain my confusion.”

stop, blog, and roll R.I.P. Or maybe not.

Pop Cesspool on the Secret History of Pop Cesspool Vol. 5.

Your morning wake-up song: Carla Bruni‘s “Quelqu’un m’a dit” (thank you Said the Gramophone).

*photo courtesy of Intangible Arts.