Getting past security at Redskins games can take as long as getting past security at Dulles Airport. Only the guards at FedExField, home of the $5 bottle of water, are frisking for illicit peanut butter sandwiches and Makers Mark pints, not weapons of mass destruction.

Now, Dan Snyder comes in to save the day — or at least half an hour of it.

For a price, of course.

Snyder is introducing the FLO Card to the NFL. That’s the same I.D. system used at a lot of U.S. airports, where those who register and pay a fee get to buzz past the hoi polloi and get waved past security.

“I am excited to bring red-carpet treatment to FedExField on game day for thousands of loyal Redskins fans,” says Redskins Chief Operating Officer Mitch Gershman in announcing the FLO Card rollout. “This affordable and innovative new service enables the average fan to enjoy premier fast lane-access, a service not available at any other sports venue in the country. This fan-centric membership helps to advance our ongoing quest to improve the total fan experience on game day.”

This particular improvement on the total fan experience will cost $100 a year.

Presumably, fans who shell out for the FLO Card can more than make up its cost by sneaking in all the hoagies and beer bottles they can stuff down their inseam.