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Last night on my evening stroll I walked by MPD cars parked at every intersection of Garfield Street in Woodley Park from Cleveland to Wisconsin and at most intersections of Macomb Street from Wisconsin down to Connecticut Ave. At one point, cops (including one in a truancy van) flipped on their lights and blocked traffic on Macomb. I figured the prez had something doing at the Cathedral, but that’s apparently not the case. Lots of other people are wondering what the deal was on the Cleveland Park listserv.

Enter MPD’s 2nd District Commander Mark Carter with the answer. He replied: “There was a dignity movement scheduled to come through the area.”

Well I’m really glad dignity is moving through Northwest D.C. But does anyone know what the H was going on there last night? I’ve a call out to Carter and will update if he calls me back.

UPDATE: OK, OK. I was poking a bit of fun. Yes, Carter meant “dignitary,” according to 2nd District Officer Keisha Anderson, who did call me back and let me know that there were “numerous” dignataries from several countries moving through the city last night. She could not say for what, primarily, she said, because she didn’t know.