The recent terrifying muggings of a journalist and a punk rocker would normally mean nothing more than a shrug from long-time residents. Oh muggings? Not exactly news. But for some reason, both got me pretty angry. Both took place in high density areas of Adams Morgan. Both were brutal in execution.

At least in the case of Christopher Savage, police haven’t solved his mugging—which may or may not have led to his death. I’m not sure if the journalist’s case has been solved or not.

If you are a mugger, you have a more than 80 percent chance of getting away with your crimes in the District.

The D.C. Police Department‘s closure rate for robberies is 15.8 percent through April, according to department spokesperson Traci Hughes. That’s down from the national average. It appears the national average according to 2006 FBI stats is roughly 25 percent. The closure rate is 21 percent for cities with a population over 250,000.

Oh, and muggings appear to be up in Adams Morgan. Stats show a bump in robberies for the area, according to police and a city official. They are possibly up by more than 20 percent.