It’s gone practically unmentioned that Restaurant Week’s dinner price has jumped. It used to be $30.08. Now, it’s 35.08. Lunch remains 20.08.

No biggie, right? Much has been written about the new economic stresses and strains on the restaurant industry. They’re hurting just like everyone else. So, you know, make your reservations around noon, as opposed to 7 p.m.

But, just out of curiosity, I decided to see what other cities are charging for their RW fixed menus.

New York:Lunch 24.07; Dinner $35.00

San Diego: Two Dinner options: $30 or $40.

Baltimore: Lunch $20.08; Dinner $30.08

Boston: Lunch $20.08; Dinner $33.08

Philadelphia: Dinner $35.

Photo by Neeta Lind.