Let’s play: What’s in My Inbox? It’s a fun game. It gives you a blog item when you’re a touch hungover from the Old 97’s show and blogging kind of sounds like how your stomach felt when you got home. Anyway: Today’s tasty box nugget is an invitation to join the Bigfoot Sketch Project. Pete@thepaintedcave.com wants to know what your sasquatch looks like. Well, Pete, mine came out looking like this:

Not sure why, but I think that the Art Instructions Schools may want me. Anyway: Pete’s invitation to me today also arrived with a news hook, courtesy of the CBC: “Berry pickers report sasquatch sighting in northern Ontario.” This is a fun article about Helen and her mom who were out raiding the blueberry bushes in Grassy Narrows when they saw something big and black and not quite right. It includes a wonderful little nut graf:

Sasquatch, an aboriginal word meaning “hairy giant,” refers to a large manlike creature some believe could be roaming woods from California up the West Coast and across Canada.

Obviously, the reporter on this is not aware that Bigfoot is, actually, in Virginia, only a short drive from the nation’s capital. If you haven’t read our 7/18 cover story, “Hot for Creature“, or watched the video starring William Dranginis, the most sane Bigfoot hunter you’d ever care to meet, get on it. Although, truth be told, I kind of wish I hadn’t read it before going camping. I stayed awake all night listening for sasquatch and he never did show up. Next time, sasquatch, I will find you, I will draw you. And I will follow Pete’s e-mailed instructions:

If you have seen the creature, Pete asks that you submit a detailed description and then buy a T-shirt.