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* According to The Examiner, the renovated American History Museum will include some more pop culture elements—-including a Bruce Willis Die Hard tee and artifacts from the X-Files. Also new: “the new viewing room for the Star-Spangled Banner, which will have extra-low levels of oxygen in order to preserve the flag.” The museum re-opens November 19.

* Mr. T in D.C. has some really good blog ideas. Really. He just can’t remember them.

* Local beard-rock quartet U.S. Royalty show up on Nylon‘s radar. Dare you to make sense of this:

these kids sound like a garage-band Beach Boys, not refined enough to have a revolutionary—-or a manufactured—-sound, but not stupid enough to neglect pop-culture chords and drum beats that let you dance.

* The Reliable Source questions the integrity of the Hill‘s new 50 Most Beautiful list, which this year was expanded to include spouses and children of Hill staffers. Argetsinger and Roberts also find this gem, from editor Betsy Rothstein:

Even black sheep Vito Fossella, the now-disgraced, drunk-driving, illegitimate-child-fathering rep from New York, made the cut. The lawmakers are chosen early, said Rothstein, and the scandal did not disqualify Fossella.

“Someone asked me, ‘If Ted Stevens was good-looking, would you have put him on the list?’ ” she said. “Absolutely. I think Ted Stevens is very handsome, for the record.”

Photo of the 9:30 Club by apium