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I am about 10 years late here, but I think I’m not alone. In July, the BBC released a DVD collection of a genius show called Spaced, which started in 1999, and concerns the weirdo adventures of two mid-twenties friends on the dole in London. The show stars Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) and Jessica Hynes as friends who pose as a couple to score a flat. They’re both often unemployed — she’s an aspiring journalist, he draws comics — but make good use of their time getting into strange situations with their crew of friends: a depressive, angry, anti-social artist who lives downstairs, their drunk landlady, a gun-obsessed guy named Mike and Twist, an attendant at a dry cleaners who says she works in fashion. The DVDs come in advance of the inevitable US remake of the show, which I just can’t imagine. Slacker aside, the Brits are better and funnier with slackerdom than us. Perhaps it’s because their empire fell first.

Photo: BBC