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The Washington Post went all Chandra in covering the weekend inductions of Art Monk and Darrell Green to the NFL Hall of Fame. Saturday’s paper contained several stories about the players, and each was given a full-page layout that included career highlights and pullout quotes in big type hailing their accomplishments.

Monk’s page included a blurb from Stump Mitchell, the Redskins new running backs coach, in which Mitchell goes on about Monk’s clutchiness:

“It was third and seven and opponents knew that we were going to him, and they couldn’t stop him.”

What did you say, Stump? “We?”

Come, now.

Stump Mitchell was never even on a sandlot, high school, college, pro or Pro Bowl team with Monk, as a player or coach. Mitchell played nine seasons in the NFL, but all with the Cardinals, then coached for nine more in Seattle before signing on as a Redskin a few months ago.

It’s bizarre enough that the Post would go to Stump Mitchell for thoughts about Monk, but it’s even bizarrer that he’d say “we.”

How dare you, Stump?

‘Course, my greatest memory of Monk is when we were playing Denver in the 1988 Super Bowl, and he made a 40-yard catch early in the game when everything was going wrong for us and going great for the Broncos.

That catch helped right our ship, and the day ended with us crushing them.