Prince of Petworth is on the hunt for the worst names of condo buildings. He found a good one.

And Now, Anacostia reports that Rita’s is coming to Good Hope Road. But maybe not in time to offer the limited-time-only cotton candy flavor!

Intangible Arts spots some new art at Wonderland.

Must read of the rest of your summer: Pop Cesspool‘s on-going fascination with its very own secret history. It’s hilarious. It’s poignant. It’s better than Apatow. You can read Vol. 6 here.

Metrocurean suggests what to do with squash blossoms.

Congress Heights on the Rise previews tonight’s National Night Out at Ballou.

Climbing the Mount discovers Mount P’s community garden.

Brightest Young Things has an awesome retro vid.

TPM reports on huge oil money flowing to McCain just days after his flip flop on drilling.

Congrats (former CP Staff Writer) Ta-Nehisi Coates on your new gig. He’s your must read of the morning.

*photo courtesy of Intangible Arts.