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This week, for some reason, early 1990s pop culture references abound:

  • First, I told you about this.
  • Now, from NPR, I give you Kevin Powell from the first season of MTV’s Real World. Back when the first season was taped in 1992, Powell was “a poet, writer and educator struggling to overcome many of the issues facing African American men.” Now, he is running for a congressional seat in Brooklyn. Yeah, for reals.
  • Okay, now, listen to Seth Rogen talk to Fresh Air’s Terry Gross about smoking weed. Here’s a partial transcript. In this portion of the interview Rogen is telling Gross about his first experiences with pot.
  • Rogen:…then, the next weekend, we actually smoked it properly, and I got more stoned than I’ve ever been in my entire life.

    Gross: And what was that experience like?

    Rogen: It was crazy. I remember it very vividly…we smoked out of a bong. That’s why we got really high for the second time. And one of my friends—-this was so stupid—-it was after school on a Friday. We smoked weed in this park called The Ravine that was across the street from my high school. And he didn’t want to bring the bong back home with him. We were going to walk back to his house and hang out…So, he wanted to go back into school and put the bong in his locker and leave it in there…I lost my mind: and I was like WE CAN’T GO BACK IN THERE. And they just went in there anyway, and I thought ‘we’re travelling through time…’

  • And, finally, something a little more serious to get you in the mood for the Olympics.