Today’s Washington Post has another front-page story about the evil doers in China. This one focuses on speed skater Joey Cheek, who was denied a visa to attend the upcoming Olympics.

The implication of the story is that Cheek won’t be allowed into China because of his efforts to call attention to atrocities in Darfur.

Not great.

All of these anti-China stories should make us feel better about us and worse about them.

And I might, if only I didn’t know that we put Cat Stevens on our no-fly list.

Cat Stevens!

Yeah, Homeland Security actually diverted a London-to-Dulles flight to Maine and arrested Stevens just to keep the guy who wrote “Peace Train” out of the country.

And by “the country,” I mean the U.S.

Not China.

And nobody really gave a rip. (The Post’s story about the singer’s detention and deportation only got a few paragraphs on page A10.)

And I’d get more worked up about Joey Cheek if he could write a protest song that was also a pop hit.

Sing with me:

“Now I’ve been crying lately/Thinking about the world as it is…”