There are words, phrases that you think will never enter mainstream usage. But every once in a while, I get shocked when a word or phrase suddenly goes legit.

Take “pussy.” I never thought “pussy” would become part of the larger world. Now even liberal TV comedians are dropping “pussy” like it’s nothing. “The Daily Show” dropped pussy more than once on Monday and Tuesday’s shows.There was the awesome joke about a straight—as opposed to McDonald’s—fast-food chain called something like “Fried Chicken and Pussy.” And Stewart himself seems to regularly call himself a “pussy.”

Now, Slate gives the world the “chubby” with this headline: “No Chubby For Old Men.” The story is on ED and whether or not it’s normal and why it’s perceived as normal. And maybe it shouldn’t be. But I only skimmed the piece. I’m still marveling at the fact that they brought “chubby” out in the open. I didn’t think getting a semi had become mainstream headline fodder. Wow.

I’m cool with it. Just surprised.

Oh, what’s next? Fisting?