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Not sure if this is old news but Congress Heights on the Rise just linked it. So we follow. The blog called The Barry Stops Here! appears to be—at this point—a warehouse of old Barry articles on his past drug abuse and a list of “Barryisms.” The blog also includes a “Why Now?” post:

“In the best of circumstances the mere mention of his name will illicit chuckles generally followed by a “that’s Marion Barry for you”. The only thing shocking about the life and times of Marion Barry is the life and times of Marion Barry. With every new scandal…every lack in ethical judgement he trumps the scandal before and tests the true faith of his few (but die hard) believers and attest to the ineffectiveness of his detractors.”

How about a blog devoted to the other councilmember across the river? She’s interesting and new. And there’s plenty of stuff worth documenting—the slow development around the Minnesota Avenue metro, the amazing empty space that will soon be filled up with new housing at the far end of East Cap, the persistence of the Shrimp Boat.