A spot of news sure to please bike enthusiasts, lovers of art-rock, and managing editors alike: the New York Times reports that David Byrne, “cultural omnivore,” has rolled out a new line of bike racks across NYC, with whimsical designs geared toward the peculiarities of each neighborhood. My personal favorite: “Mudflap Tammy,” who racily graces the corner of 44th and 7th. Where does the bike go? I’m not quite sure. But I imagine I’d have a lot of fun finding out.

D.C., meanwhile, has some catching up to do. But who knows? Before too long, we might all be singing those infectious lyrics to “Hey Now”:

I wanna bicycle I wanna popsicle I wanna space face Buy me a cherry face now

Hey now! Hey now! Hey now now! Hey now! Hey now! Hey now now!