Over at the Post‘s Comic Riffs blog, Michael Cavna bravely attempts to make a case for the District as a comedy-rich zone. The inspiration for his ranting is the latest issue of GQ: The second-best glossy men’s magazine* strangely proclaimed Montreal “Funniest City.” Cavna is bothered that D.C. is behind Montreal, but I think that’s only what we deserve—-after all, we took their crummy baseball team and made it worse. And I’m not buying Cavna’s argument that we’re funny because we produced Dave Chappelle, Wanda Sykes, and Lewis Black. All three of those comedians had to get out of D.C. to get any sort of traction in their careers.**

* I’m an Esquire guy. Mainly for “What I’ve Learned.” But also this.

** And, Wanda Sykes? Not that funny.