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*If you’re not watching the Olympics, you’re missing some pretty spectacular moments.

*”Declare the District’s urban-cool inferiority complex officially over,” states the Washington Post. What makes us so hip? So with it? Such a trendsetter? SmartBike DC, apparently. The program will allow riders access to 120 bikes at 10 self-service racks mostly in the downtown area. “Today the city will join the ranks of Paris and Barcelona with the launch of the first high-tech public bike-sharing program in the United States, forcing such cities as San Francisco and Chicago to look here to see chic alternative transportation in action in America.” I’m sure you feel cooler already.

*Savor the dog days of summer with free ice cream…if you live in Arlington, Alexandria or Bethesda. Nope, nope, and nope. Drats! DCist delivers the location-specific good news.

*The latest “Oh D.C.,” head-shakingly ridiculous moment of bureaucratic incompetence: a report detailing the mismanagement of the Department of Employment Services’ summer jobs program for youth.

*Some 900,000 votes later, FishbowlDC announces the city’s “Hottest Media Types.” Wait, what’s that you say? Only other journalists care and none of us are good-looking anyway? Very well.

*And, finally, the best damn Estonian mineral water commercial you’ve ever seen.