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It’s funny how after spending one night at Legg Mason, I feel like I’ve endured more than my share of crowd snobbery. Last time I was in attendance, Jimmy Connors was playing. So it’s been a while. But some of the crowd behavior was shocking—even in the bleacher seats!

*A few seats down the row from us, two ladies were in non-stop chatter mode during the entire Roddick match. I know Roddick is already a has-been more famous for having dated Mandy Moore and losing to Federer than actual important victories. But these ladies bordered on rude! It didn’t help that both had bad facelifts.

*A couple getting huffy that we were in their seats. Nevermind that the first row was completely empty. But by making a big stink, all six of us had to decamp and move up a few rows. This put a real damper on the funtimes as the couple continued to be all gloaty about it. I’m not sure why they chose to make this point considering that they had better options than ousting us. And much of the seating wasn’t even numbered anyway. The icing: the couple spent much of the Roddick match playing with their cellphones.

*And finally, the entire stadium’s instance on rooting for Roddick—-even when the other guy made unforced errors. Isn’t it bad sportsmanship to cheer when the other guy whacks a ball into the net?

Despite all this, the Legg Mason crowd was still louder and more into the match than the crowds at National Park. Like Nats fans, they didn’t fill up all the seats. But they were better sports fans than the snoozy crowd at our new stadium.