The owners of Peregrine Espresso are really excited about opening their Capitol Hill cafe—which’ll occupy the space vacated by snake-bit Murky Coffee.

In an August 8 Web posting, the caffeine impresarios wrote, “We got our patio furniture in yesterday and we’ll be putting it out on weekdays for your sitting pleasure. Come try it out. The wireless is working, too, so if you are bored at your home office and want a free place to perch for awhile, stop on by.”

But this morning, at around 11:30 am, the front of Peregrine Espresso—while tendering a wireless signal that, tested on a MacBook, came in strong and clear— was empty of patio furniture.

When asked about the disappearance of the trendy gray chairs and tables, owner Ryan Jensen responded, “False promise, I know,” and explains that he’s had to put the furniture away until next week, because “we are working on the floor in the shop and those two are related somehow to each other.”

Jensen adds that he hopes to have Peregrine up and running in a couple of weeks but also says that there are “still a lot of loose ends, so no promises at this point.”

At least the store appears intent on delivering on its name: On Monday the shop’s La Marzocco GB5 4-group espresso machine was installed.

For those of you looking for gainful employment, the independent coffee shop is currently hiring. For the most part, the three-and-a-half-page employment form—available online—is pretty basic, though you should be prepared to speak to this rather fussy prompt: “Describe your favorite coffee beverage/origin/brewing method.”

Rend Smith