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Turns out there was something about D.C. to like. Fans of recently departed why.i.hate.dc blogger Rusty really miss posts like “Guess Who Got Hosed by Metro This Weekend,” “DC Baseball Still Doomed,” and “Man of the People My Ass.”

Sadly, Rusty (who besides his mainstays of public transportation, Laura Sessions Stepp, and the D.C. government, often turned his attention to this paper) has left the city he hated so much for the totally superior town of Columbus, Ohio (his predecessor, blog founder James F., at least went to Seattle). And his replacement, the similarly one-named Liz, is driving Rusty’s loyal readers coconuts, just coconuts!

For starters, she didn’t even do an introductory post, just fired off about the Post‘s Chandra series. That went sorta well till she started deleting comments the same day. Then the howls began in earnest.

One day on the job and you’re already deleting comments? Geez, it wasn’t even that bad (and no, I didn’t leave it.)

Stop deleting comments. Rusty hardly ever did that. Your views will decline drastically if you decide to go that route.

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THEN, Liz started answering commenters. Semi-cryptic posts like this one prompted replies like, “What is your point here?…I’m also unsure as to how this all fits in with the ‘Why I Hate D.C.’ theme.”

She changed the blog’s mission statement. She blogged about stuff she read in the Guardian. She made fun of the commenters’ ire.

And suddenly, all the hatred in D.C. had a new place to live.

Yesterday, Liz hit her haters with this:

You guys are idiots.

You moved to this city because you thought finally you’d be around people who think you’re cool. And you realized that your pose of, “I’m SMART” was just compensation for not having anything else. You’re not as smart as the bar tenders. You hate everyone for not appreciating you. And somehow that’s everyone else’s fault. So you bitch and bitch and bitch.

Not about anything that matters, just about all the other people who aren’t as cool as you. I don’t care that you “lost” some blog that was supposed to make you feel better. You should feel bad. You suck. Fix that and get over everyone else.

Then today she blogged about the Late Night Shots reality show, and why it’ll suck because it’s set in Georgetown, and Georgetown’s for idiots.

The commenters are happy again.

best post yet. More like this and I won’t stop reading after all.

I’ve e-mailed Liz asking for an interview, but I haven’t heard back.