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Everyone misses the Cold War.

Interesting murder trial in the Va. ‘burbs: Fawn Scott stabs and kills her boyfriend, says it’s self defense, but gets charged with murder nonetheless. Scott isn’t a very sympathetic defendant, but it’s still hard to believe she didn’t act to save her life.

Banned in Beijing. No hustling! Also, math is hard.

Screw you Randy Newman. Short people are kinda awesome, even if they wear silly eye makeup.

The National Museum of Health and Medicine, which is actually cool in an old-fashioned, pre-interactivity, plastic model of the heart kind of way, is hosting an exhibit on advances in the forensic identification of U.S. war dead. Potentially fascinating, and gross. Too bad we missed their program for National Hairball Awareness Day. Our tax dollars at work!

Jack Shafer says conventions aren’t worth covering. Don’t think he’ll sway any editors.