When it comes to attractive Washingtonians, the City Paper staff doesn’t exactly top the list. At least we’re in good company: I’m willing to bet that the average CityDesk reader has a face for bitter, anonymous Internet commentary. But surely, there must be one hidden jewel among us who can rise up above the mass of Washington’s blog trolls and declare, ‘Me! I am a majestic animal! I shall appear on an episode of television’s longest running game show, CBS’s The Price is Right!”

On Thursday, August 21, an open modeling call for The Price is Right will be held, glamorously, at “Sleepy’s,” 5812 Kingstowne Shopping Center, Alexandria, Va., from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The one contestant whose beauty can not be tamed will go on to compete with national finalists for the opportunity to appear on an episode of The Price is Right.

Or, you could just make a “My Pets Have Been Spayed and Neutered” t-shirt.