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Evangelical hottie alert! Today, Chinatown’s Madame Tussauds wax museum welcomes three new carved celebs: Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas, those wholesome little handsomes better known as “The Jonas Brothers.” Between 1:30 and 2:30 today, the real brothers Jonas will be on hand at the museum’s 1025 F Street location to hang with the wax versions of themselves. But before you fake your way out of school, be advised—-only the first 50 visitors waiting in line today will get in to see the curly-haired cuties. And according to Tussauds PR, real Jonas fans have been waiting in line for, like, ever.

Still, there might be a benefit to waiting for the real bros to exit the building. According to (sigh) “Rachel’s Washington, DC Blog” on, visitors to the wax likenesses “will be able to pick up a Gibson guitar or sit behind a set of drums and jam with the Jonas Brothers … they will also be able to take photos with, hug and even kiss the figures.” Kissing on the real Kevin, Joe, and Nick—-all of whom wear purity rings on their left hands to show their commitment to stay chaste until marriage—-might be more difficult.