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Obama’s decision on second in command is imminent. Vegas says it’s down to Kaine, Biden or Bayh.


So says George W. Grayson, former Virginia state legislator and an alleged professor at William & Mary.

He says Heath Shuler is the man.

Grayson outlined his case in an op-ed for the Asheville Citizen-Times earlier this month.

“[T]he quarterback-turned-politician could help Obama and the Democrats overcome the image of Chablis-sipping, Brie-munching elites who appeal to urban denizens, college graduates, and minorities but strain to “connect0 with small farmers, coal miners, and blue- and pink-collar voters.

“In contrast to Obama’s condescension and extremely liberal voting record as a state legislator and senator, Shuler opposes abortion, favors gun owners’ rights, and believes that newcomers seeking to become citizens should obey U.S. laws rather than sneaking across the border and throwing themselves into the arms of immigration lawyers.”

Sure, Grayson’s argument is cut from whole dumbassish cloth. The only thing he left out is how much experience Shuler already has at being Number Two in DC.*

But if losing winnable elections was an Olympic sport, the Dems would make Phelps look like Sacramone.

Obama/Shuler! Deal with it!

*Sorry. Coffee.