Following her devastating bronze performance in the 400 meters, U.S. track star Sanya Richards was all about the tightness that afflicted her hammie down the homestretch.

“I just feel so betrayed by my body once again and it’s such a tough break for me,” Richards told the press.

Richards, of course, was in full command of the race until the end, when, according to one account, “she felt a pinch in the back of her leg, her mother saw her grimace and her father saw her turnover ‘go herky-jerky.'”

Then she was overtaken by two other Olympians.

As the most amateur of viewers, I saw none of what Richards’ parents saw. And neither did the commentators for NBC, the finest track-and-field analysts in the world.

So what really happened here—did she have a slight tweak in the leg, or was the competition just a touch better on this day?