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Yet another move to bring the drinking age down has popped up.

This one’s being pushed by college presidents. That seems a little bizarre. These are folks that can make money by reopening the bars that used to be in all the student unions, once the floor gets lowered back down to 18 years old.

But, no matter who’s behind this or why, their aim is righteous.

I say abolish the minimum age altogether. Sure, it’s silly that the government will let you vote and kill for your country three years earlier than you can sip a Pabst.

But the main point that the 21-and-over advocates have always missed is that drinking, like Olympic gymnastics, is best left to youngsters. I can’t imagine what high school, let alone college, would have been like without getting stinky drunk all the time. Were it not for adolescent insobriety, I surely would never have paid to see Foghat or Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Good times.

If holding down the number of drunk driving accidents is the primary goal, then it’d make more sense to install a maximum age to buy booze and keep it out of adults’ gullets. Go to a Redskins game, where about a third of the crowd is in the bag and about a third of those folks are behind the wheel, if you want to see the dark side of giving grownups the privilege we’ve taken from our kids.

Let ’em drink.