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This past Sunday, Frank Rich argued that the problem with Obama‘s numbers are a) they’re actually just fine; and b) the media just isn’t covering McCain all that well. Rich also believes Obama needs to be less polite. I agree. Liberals should also not be so handwringy over everything. Take today’s McCain gaffe. McCain can’t even say for sure how many houses he owns.

Obama has gone on the attack with an instant ad. But, still, Ta-Nehisi Coates (my old pal and colleague) at the Atlantic insists on taking the high road and not caring about this not-very-crucial point. Well, Obama has to start nailing down some sort of narrative on McCain. Out-of-touch fatcat sounds like a logical one considering: a) when talking about the price of milk, he needed to read off a card; b) McCain didn’t support Sen. Webb’s update on the GI Bill (he skipped the vote on the bill); and c) now can’t figure out how many houses he owns!

Come on. Obama supporters need to toughen up.