Before last night’s win in Philadelphia, I heard Ryan Zimmerman on WTOP saying that the problem with the Nationals is the team doesn’t “have a killer instinct.”

Personally, I had pitching, hitting, fielding, baserunning, coaching, managing, general managing, concession prices, TV commentating and the empty seats behind home plate ranked higher than lack of a killer instinct on my What’s Wrong With the Nationals? chart.

But Zimmerman’s closer to the situation, so I’ll accept his diagnosis.

In any case, if my calculator works, last night’s win, which ended a 12-game losing streak, puts the team on a pace to lose 105 games.

That’s just one game better than the worst season the expansion Washington Senators ever had: The 1963 squad went 56-106, and — I’m guessing here — really lacked a killer instinct.