Dan Snyder might oneday achieve his goal of controlling the whole message. But for now he’s got a lot of work to do on his delivery systems.

Saturday’s telecast of the Redskins/Carolina game, produced by Snyder’s Redskins
Broadcasting Network, was an old-school disaster.

Local viewers on WUSA-9 missed a huge chunk of the first quarter — the most important portion of any preseason game — while Snyder’s TV people ran a loop of commercials for the World Wildlife Fund, the Navy Federal Credit Union, some tax-subsidized nutrition outfit called Smallstep, the USO, John McCain, and “The Doctors,” Dr. Phil’s new show for housewives and shut-ins.

Meanwhile, as things went bad on the field and in TV Land, they went worse at Extremeskins.com, the formerly vibrant fan message board that Snyder took over in 2005. Anybody who tried to log on to vent about the Redskins performance during the game was likely to get a message that the board was undergoing “ROUTINE MAINTENANCE.”

Nobody was buying that, of course. So when Snyder’s IT staff was able to get the board back up and keep it up, posters complained about the embarrassment of an NFL team running a site in far shoddier fashion than it was run when the fans ran it. (Apparently Snyder’s board crashes whenever anything worth commenting on is taking place.)

So Snyder’s moderators —– a bizarro bunch of grownups willing to defend the owner to the point of silliness for no pay and no obvious benefit — stifled the masses by belittling and even banning posters.

With or without Jason Taylor, these guys better win.