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-Check out the Washington Post‘s convention coverage for updates on Denver. However, if you’ve visited City Desk any time in the last two days, then you know Loose Lips is the hardest working man in Colorado right now. Check out his posts here.

-And now we honor one of our City Paper forefathers, David Carr, who has paused his promotional book tour and talk of snorting coke and slapping up bitches in the 1980s, to do some fine video reporting work from Denver. Find his video somewhere on this page in the next day or so (after that, I don’t know where it’s going to be.)

-The New York Times offers a few reasons why you should not open a restaurant: your home, your savings, your general contentment—-they could all go, if your new joint is a flop. “So many people love to cook, they like food, and they think, boy, I’ll have a job where I’ll do what I love,” Mr. Rainsford said. “They don’t realize how hard a job it is, both financially and physically.”

-Aw gee shucks, “ol’ Joe Biden,” he’s making the people at the Wilmington train station proud. And sad. The man’s not going to be boarding his usual Delaware to D.C. ride too often anymore. The Post paints the scene.

-NPR commentator and screenwriter John Ridley is peeved about the portrayal of minorities (or lack thereof) in this summer’s roster of movies. “Well, that’s it. Summer’s about over. Hope yours was good. How was mine? Thanks for asking. Well, I’m not given to absolutes, so I’m gonna say in terms of what Hollywood gave us, this was just the demi-most offensive summer ever at the multiplexes. Offensive, if you happen to be a person of color whom Hollywood in turn mocked, lampooned or humiliated … that is, when we weren’t just being completely ignored.”