DENVER—-TV star Hayden Panettiere, LL has learned, is scheduled to join the D.C. delegation for a luncheon this afternoon hosted by the District’s shadow delegation.

Panettiere is buds with Shadow Sen. Paul Strauss, whom she met earlier this year while lobbying Congress on saving the whales. She taped a short YouTube voting-rights PSA with Strauss at the time.

More to come.

UPDATE, 12:24 P.M.: Strauss, moments ago, promised LL there would be two additional big name “Hollywood guests.” He has printed up hand cards advertising the shindig.

UPDATE, 12:38 P.M.: LL’s aggressive coverage of this issue continues. Shadow Sen. Michael D. Brown reports one of the as-yet-unnamed guests was in Officer and a Gentleman and the other was in the West Wing. And, he says, there’s a fourth possible guest “bigger than the other three combined,” but that’s not confirmed yet.

UPDATE, 2:21 P.M.: The fourth big shot? Dan Rather! He hasn’t shown yet, but he is said to be on the way. Brown reports he will accompany Rather to Mile High Stadium tonight for Barack Obama‘s acceptance speech.

UPDATE, 3:19 P.M.: Hayden is in the house, just delivered her remarks. The other celebs are David Keith of An Officer and a Gentleman and The Great Santini, and Melissa Fitzgerald from West Wing. No Debra Winger! Dan Rather is due within minutes.