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DENVER—-Yesterday, LL reported that musician and DJ Moby had expressed strong support for D.C. voting rights to Shadow Rep. Mike Panetta while at an event here at the Democratic National Convention.

Well, last night, LL was pursuing some leisure activities out in Denver’s warehouse district when Moby walked by, on his way into an art gallery. LL ran him down, and while Moby said he was pressed for time—-he had to DJ and Democratic Party event—-he was a happy to take a minute to speak, passionately and informedly (is that a word?)—-about the District’s lack of a franchise:

My comment is, the District has more people than Wyoming and has no representation. It’s the nation’s capital and has no representation federally, or almost barely any representation federally….For the hundreds of thousands of people who live in the District, I think it’s just a shame that this administration’s talking about spreading democracy and spreading voting rights abroad when the people living next door don’t have the same voting rights and have the same federal representation. And also, if the District becomes a state, as I do believe it should, suddenly you have two senators from the District.

LL asked if he supported the incrementalist approach favored by Eleanor Holmes Norton and D.C. Vote:

I think they should hold out. I think that everyone in the District should go on strike until they get it. Just imagine what would happen to Washington, D.C., if everybody in the District stayed home, nonviolent protest, until it became a state.