DENVER—-Mayor Adrian M. Fenty arrived moments ago at the D.C. delegation’s floor space at Mile High Stadium, hours ahead of Sen. Barack Obama‘s acceptance speech. He initially was sitting at the back of the section, tending to his BlackBerry with aide Veronica Washington, but just now snapped a smiling picture arm in arm with Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray and other councilmembers.

It’s unclear whether Fenty will remain for Obama’s speech; LL is told he has seats higher in the stadium.

Also here this evening: former mayor Marion Barry, meaning the former civil-rights leader will witness an African-American accept the presidential nomination of a major party for the first time in American history. Barry is not a delegate but is holding a “special guest” credential. Barry had not been able to attend convention sessions earlier in the week at the Pepsi Center due to a lack of credentials.

UPDATE, 7:35 P.M.: And now Fenty’s gone, having exited the field level with Washington and aide John Falcicchio.

UPDATE, 11:44 P.M: LL left the field level before Obama’s speech, but a source informs him that Fenty returned for the speech.