Yes, Obama delivered a great speech, direct, passionate, not at all hifalutin or snobby. But the biographical video that came first was even more amazing. It felt as earnest as the best American documentary—and it was made by “An Inconvenient Truth” director Davis Guggenheim—but at base it was artful propaganda. I could barely tell.

We’re all waiting for McCain to choose his pardner. It won’t be Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

As PJ reported yesterday, the Million DJ March comes to DC this weekend.

Police say Bloods and Crips are making their way into local crime. I’ve heard this for some time and I’m not sure it’s as scary as they say. Are these just expats working under their old flags or, as police suggest, a new franchise with ties to larger organizations? I don’t think police have that much info.

From the listserves: The kids collecting money for the Boys & Girls Club at the Tenleytown Metro don’t have any connection to the youth organization. Donate only if you support video games and 40 ounces for the young entrepreneurs.

Mad Magazine is squeezing a few more giggles, and dollars, from eight years with Bush.