Personally, I thought Barack Obama’s speech last night was a tad humdrum. He got a little feisty, for him. But, the challenges to his opponent—-“John McCain has voted with George Bush ninety percent of the time”—-still seemed staid. He said what he need to say, but for some reason, the deliverance fell, mmmm, I don’t know, dare I say it, okay I will: flat.

‘Happy, proud American Obama’ spoke with the same tone and demeanor as ‘Enough is enough, fed-up with the status quo Obama,’ and it just wasn’t working for me. Plus, the fascinating life story doesn’t pop as much the three hundredth time around. Not his fault. But true nonetheless.

When it comes to oratorical ability, I’m throwing my full support behind Pam.

Oh Pam, how you wooed me with your mama-don’t-take-no-shit-from-no-one attitude, disillusioned Republicanism, and undaunted appearance in front of 85,000 people. Pam’s story definitely fit squarely in with the democratic narrative. She is from Pittsboro North Carolina. She and her husband raised four children together, both worked, and led generally content lives. Then, her husband lost his job and, consequently, the family’s medical insurance. Hard times fell on Pam and Mr. Pam. (Her last name is actually Cash-Roper.) It was time to speak out for CHANGE. “I am a lifelong republican who voted for Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Bush, but I can’t afford four more years like this,” she told the crowd. “I can’t do it! I can’t do it!”

Anyway, just watch the video. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wish you could hug Pam through the youtube video. (And for more info on Pam, check this out.)