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Last Friday, D.C.-based blog The New Gay posted this documentation of a recent Adams Morgan hate crime. The post, penned by film/theater outfit Crackco-founder Chris Farris, includes graphic photos of the victims of a severe beating that occurred on a recent Saturday evening close to the 18th Street strip. Writes Farris:

My friend, Todd, was recently walking back from a Saturday night at the bars with two other friends when they were jumped and savagely beaten by six guys. The victims were gay. They did not provoke. . . . My friend was beaten so badly that he has little recollection beyond the first punch, and he did not wake up until many hours later in the hospital. He has relied on witnesses to tell him how brutal the beating was and the fact that the word “fags” repeatedly flew from the mouths of the attackers.

After recounting attack, Farris launches into a critique of MPD’s response to the beating:

While DC has a Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit (GLLU), the police assigned to investigate the attack have little connection or, it seems, respect for the GLLU. As Todd put it, “The GLLU was involved in my case at the beginning. And although they were polite and offered to help, it was made very clear to me by the officer in charge that they were not in charge of the case and any dealings must go through them and not the GLLU.”

One of Farris’ prescriptions for raising awareness about D.C.-area gay-bashings is to keep blogging them:

One way to wake up local officials—-and, frankly, ourselves—-is to document gay-bashings (even those some call “muggings”) so that we can all see what is happening. We need to list all of the bashings that have occurred in the past year or so, with locations and outcomes, to we can demonstrate that the problem is real and that the problem is urgent.

TNG is encouraging readers to send their personal stories to the following address: stophate@thenewgay.net.