I’m tempted to do a roundup of just Sarah Palin-related items: Sarah Palin news, Sarah Palin analysis, possibly a Sarah Palin picture or two. A Sarah Palin interview? Couldn’t find it. But, what the hell, first I’ll throw in a few other stories—-appetizers to the entree.

*City Paper alum Rachel Beckman is mad at her Facebook page, which silently taunts her with advertisements coercing her to lose weight. “Muffin Top?” asks one. “Do you want to be a fat bride?” inquires another. “I averted my eyes and tried to remember that saying about rubber and glue. I didn’t spiral into a body-image crisis, nor did I start to diet. But there’s got to be some kind of psychological toll wrought by so many weight-loss images each week,” she writes in the Washington Post.

*The Washington Post‘s Jane Black heads out to San Francisco to cover the Slow Food Nation conference, and guess what she finds? “Prius-driving, Whole Foods-shopping, latte-loving liberals with plenty of time and cash on hand.” In addition, there was also “a troupe of Hmong children who performed a traditional harvest dance.”

*NPR reports “Brenda, Kelly Return in Updated ‘90210’” Need I say more. Click now! Click now!

*Finally, Sarah Palin time: The New York Times writes about the potential, one-heartbeat-away “First Dude” Todd Palin, and his wife’s political history in Wasilla, where she was mayor. The Washington Post writes about the vetting process, and Palin’s late-in-the-game interview. Slate’s Jack Shafer discusses how the news media is receiving Palin. His colleague Troy Patterson praises her TV appearances. Politico reports how John McCain‘s campaign plans to defend and bolster support for Sarah Palin with advertisements, speeches, and interviews (read to the bottom; there’s an interesting McCain memo).