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Everyone who chooses to become a journalist has to wonder from time to time whether they ought to have chosen a more lucrative career, or at least one with better prospects for stability. For many of us, this is one of those times. On top of that, like many journalists, I regard the rest of the working world as something of a mystery. What do all those people in offices do all day, other than not return my calls for comment?

So … I have always liked reading help wanted ads. Not that I’m looking, or anything, but I recently pulled up the classifieds at New York Social Diary, a blog about the New York elite, which occasionally deigns to feature a party or celebrity interview from lowly DC. I expected to find requests for personal assistants or gardening coaches. Instead, I found a bunch of nannies looking for work. Could it be that the hard times have forced wealthy house wives to take their own children to the park? Since nannying for the rich is one career other than journalism I have experience in, I’m glad that field looks pinched as well. I would want the temptation.