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TheWashCycle, which is really just the greatest thing, put questions to Council candidates about bike policy. Here are the people who responded (links when I could find them):

And here are the lame-o’s who didn’t:

And here is the candidate whose e-mail box was too full to receive the questionnaire:

  • Villareal Johnson

Silverman, who says cycling is his primary MOT, said he’s in favor of striping bike lanes, adding bike boxes, increasing the number of racks, among other things. Evans likes bike lanes and thinks cycling should be taught in public schools. Bowser blew a bunch of hot air about encouraging cycling blah blah blah. Jahi said he used to be an avid cyclist but doesn’t have much time for it these days.

Fair warning: The word Klingle is used frequently in this post.

You can read Loose Lips’ primary endorsements here.