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Ralph Nader‘s campaign is looking to collect $100,000 by the end of the day to fund something called “Nader Media,” which will allow supporters to continue to document Nader’s run for office. Currently, the campaign has collected just under $90,000, leaving ten grand left to raise. According to a press release from “The Nader Team,” “That’s just 1,000 of you—-our loyal supporters—-contributing $10 each now.”

Just one ten dollar bill: Not too shabby!

At an Aug. 27 rally in Denver, Nader gathered a scrumptious cornucopia of celebrity backers—-Penn. Morello. Biafra. Kilmer—-to help galvanize supporters and their Hamiltons. Like a self-promotional dust-buster, the event drew other, lesser celebrities out of the woodwork. Writes the Team: “When we asked for donations, Brooke Smith, star of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, rose out of the crowd, took the stage, pledged her support—-and $4,600—-to the Nader/Gonzalez campaign.”

$4,600 sure sounds impressive, but then again, that’s just 460 $10 bills.

Tonight, Nader will not only stage a rally, but a “Super Rally,” pulling out even superer celebs: Sheehan. Ventura. Rovics*—-in an attempt to get to the $100,000 mark—-only 10,000 $10 bills.

The Super Rally costs $12 (1.2 $10 bills).

* Singer-songwriter David Rovics, the man Cindy Sheehan called “The peace poet and troubadour for our time.”