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Cap Hill is percolating on over to its new coffee shop, Peregrine Espresso, the coffee shop formerly known as Murky Coffee. And guess who else was there? Mr. Murky himself, Nick Cho, who was locked out of the place back in November on account of about $427,000 in unpaid D.C. taxes. Peregrine’s owner (and former employee of Murky Cap Hill) Ryan Jensen says Cho came by Saturday to check the place out. Cho also stopped by pre-opening when Jensen got a delivery of mugs meant for his former boss (who still owns and makes national headlines from Murky Coffee in Arlington).

Jensen showed him around the new/old place, no hard feelings. “On some level there were a lot of dreams he had for this place, things that we wanted together…like streamlining this place and getting shiny new equipment, so he was happy for us,” says Jensen, who’s added some shiny new equipment, along with a new counter, cooler, and a newly designed interior with the help of local artist Amy Herbert.

The new look certainly distinguishes Peregrine from its shabby-chic predecessor, but Jensen and the four other Peregrine staffers who are Murky holdovers aren’t trying to distance themselves entirely from their alma mater. “Nick invested a lot into his employees,” Jensen says, adding that, in many ways, Cho was a father-figure to Murky’s baristas—-a father who didn’t pay his taxes, but still.

—-Rend Smith