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It occurred to me last night that Sarah Palin is Jim Zorn without a headset. Both were obscure insignificants in the Great Northwest before Washington, um, mavericks and media paranoids put ’em up for jobs that nobody else thought they were qualified for. She followed Bush II, he followed Gibbs II, etc.

Well, the early returns indicate a West Coast perspective combined with total inexperience can add up to disaster here in the big leagues.

Damn if the Skins didn’t seem 4-12ish from the opening kickoff to those bizarre stats-padding final drives, and even the once-energized base is already comparing the newbie unfavorably to disgraced predecessors.

Even Palin would have gone for at least one of those fourth-and-ones. But can America afford another losing season?

UPDATE: Turns out the poll linked above — asking fans to choose “Zorn or Spurrier?” — on Dan Snyder’s message board, Extremeskins.com, has been shut down by Snyder’s moderators. Remember, these are the folks who get all unsmileyfaced whenever somebody points out the tactics used on Snyder’s board to stifle dissent from the masses.

At the time of the closing, after very limited voting, Spurrier was favored over Zorn, 67%-33%.