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I don’t care if his ratings are phenomenal, and I don’t care that he has the best hair of all the network anchors, Keith Olbermann had to go. In the last five months he has displayed a panache for jackassery and saccharine pro-Democrat bias, two facets of his “journalistic style” that have made it a difficult chore to glean anything worthwhile from his newscasts. (And this from the guy who, for such a long time, did a wonderful job hating on that loudmouth demagoging troll without sinking to said troll’s level.)

And things only worsened when MSNBC made Olbermann, along with Chris Matthews (fratty anchorman extraordinaire ), lead anchors for its election coverage. During their reign of pettiness, the two lambasted poor Joe Scarborough on air (when they weren’t consumed with crashing their own egos mid broadcast), and though I’d rather live in the third world than Scarborough Country, Olbermann and Matthews were acting like douchebag bullies.

Well, the bullying is over. Olbermann and Matthews have been demoted to analysts, and David Gregory has assumed the anchor role. Let’s hope Gregory has the gumption to allot the two only as much time is needed for viewers to remember why MSNBC took away their cushy chairs in the first place.