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LL just returned from Shaw, where he accompanied Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans as they accompanied voters from the Asbury Dwellings senior complex to the polls.

“Jack, you got some buses for some seniors, but you got no seniors here,” Fenty quipped to the young-at-heart crowd, before they were escorted into several minivans to cart them the four blocks to the polling place at Shiloh Baptist Church. At least four Evans aides were part of the escorting party, along with three Fenty aides. At Shiloh, they met two Evans pollworkers, one of whom was Shaw activist Alex Padro.

Fenty waved an Evans sign and greeted voters for about 20 minutes. “Tell all your friends and family [to vote],” he said. “Take nothing for granted!”

Padro, like a good pollworker, had the precise voter tally as of 10:30 a.m.: 125 votes. Earl Storm, president of the Asbury Dwellings tenant association, said he was getting 26 votes out from his building. All Evans votes? LL asked: “Ain’t no doubt about it.”

Evans’ challenger, Cary Silverman, had a pollworker looking lonely outside Shiloh, bearing signs with an impromptu tag pasted on boasting of his endorsement today by the Examiner. Evans’ signs had slightly more professional-looking stickers pumping up his Post endorsement—-you can do that with $184,000 in the bank.

LL had the opportunity to quiz Fenty on his own endorsements. He has gone to bat for Evans and Ward 4’s Muriel Bowser—-both loyal mayoral supporters—-but not for fellow Democratic incumbents Kwame R. Brown, Marion Barry, or Yvette Alexander. Fenty dodged the query: “I don’t really have much comment about endorsements that don’t exist. I have comments about endorsements that do exist.”

He also declined to make a prediction or choose a preference in the hotly contested Republican at-large race, where challenger Patrick Mara is running on a platform of supporting many Fenty initiatives.

“I’m happing telling you who I voted for,” he said. Fenty said that he had voted for Brown this morning.

Then LL asked who he had selected for the local Democratic party offices, and Fenty’s ballot-disclosure pledge disintegrated: “I’m probably not gonna reveal that….Well, I told you I voted for Councilmember Brown!” (Evans, incidentally, says he supports current local party chair Anita Bonds.)

On his way back to the office, LL stopped by Republican incumbent Carol Schwartz‘ headquarters on U Street NW. Three Schwartz staffers were manning the phones and computers while the candidate hit the hustings in Ward 3.

GOP turnout, says Schwartz volunteer Jim Slattery, is “very slow, very low.”

Where the campaign has precinct reports, “there have been eight or nine people,” he says, but the yellow team has reason to stay upbeat: “What we’ve heard is that most of the people who have come out and identified themselves [as Republicans] voted for Carol.”

LL has gotten reports from a Ward 3 precinct, at Jenifer Street and Connecticut Avenue NW, that Mara has a paid staffer working the poll. “Also they’re very well equipped with donuts,” a source says.