Dearest Readers,

Does Fuego/Frio leave you cold?

Have you found yourself wishing that Loose Lips meant something a little bawdier?

Is City Desk, for all its inimitable accomplishments, a bit…well, flaccid?

Then cower no longer ‘neath the sterile quilt of sensual deprivation! The Sexist, our new sex & gender blog, is here to fulfill all your procreative blogging needs.

Helmed by the ever-scintillating Amanda Hess,The Sexist will cover such hot-button issues as “feminism, dating, STD testing, fearing children, G, L, B, T, fucking, and David Bowie,” according to the inaugural post.

While you wait for that first Bowie interview, be sure to peruse Amanda’s day-one offerings.

Let the sexy time begin!