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At this point, I have to ask: Is there anything Sarah Palin said in her convention speech and stump speech that is not a lie? I doubt she’s ever field dressed a moose. I doubt she’s shot one. Her fightin’ that Bridge to Nowhere story—a lie. Don’t believe me, check out here, here, and here. [You’ll note most of the media that’s calling Palin out are local media from Alaska—-not the timid mainstream press].

Her fightin’ wasteful projects? A lie. On not spending the tax payer’s hard-earned money needlessly? A lie.

Her selling that government plane on eBay? A big fat lie. She actually sold it to broker for a loss.

I know Obama will never call out Palin/McCain as serial fibbers. But he could and should frame an argument that they are exaggerators. He needs a coherent theme and argument. The exaggeration theme would do it.