* Seven years later, a Pentagon memorial is unveiled. [Via Washington Post]

* The Examiner asks if we’re safer than we were in 2001.

* Via Politico: Republican foreign policy experts don’t have much to say on Palin; Obama and McCain call a 9/11 “truce”

* In alterna-9/11 news, Busboys and Poets kicks off the “9/11 Truth Film Festival” this evening at 6 p.m.

* In case you missed it: Check out Brightest Young Things‘ comprehensive Large-Hadron-Collider-Will Kill-Us-All Doomsday coverage from yesterday, complete with stellar crying baby photo accompaniment. And via DCist: How to tell if the Hadron Collider has destroyed the Earth yet.

* And in this newspaper:

Arthur Delaney on winning and losing rec centers

– Jule Banville on thelong, slow investigation of an Adams Morgan hate crime

Mike DeBonis on why Kwame Brown loves Love (and the Park at 14th)

Dave McKenna on the Redskins’ struggle to quit smoking

– And our arts & entertainment column, Show & Tell, meets its makers.

* Find your sex & gender roundup over at The Sexist.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery